Eugene “Doc” Owen graduated from The Ohio State University in 1961 with a dream of owning his own clinic; a practice based on compassionate, honest veterinary medicine. He and his wife, Lola, opened the practice that summer. The original Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic was set up in a converted garage beside the house. In 1966, they built the actual clinic.

“Doc” had a great dedication and love, not only for animals and veterinary medicine, but also for the Morgantown community. He worked closely with the local rescue groups to spay and neuter. He also enjoyed having veterinary students complete their internship with him and even employed a veterinarian from Egypt for a while. “Doc” continued to practice small and large animal medicine until his sudden death in April 1989.

At that time Doc’s daughter, Kelley Owen, was in her third year of veterinary school at Tuskegee University.  Lola was able to keep the clinic open as a boarding kennel until Kelley graduated in 1990. Continuing her father’s legacy she began her own practice in the current facility in June of 1990 with Lola continuing her role as technician and manager.

Fast forward to present and we are still providing compassionate, honest, small animal medicine, and we have continued to grow! In 2008, we were lucky to add Dr. Aaron Pollock who graduated from Doc’s alma mater, The Ohio State University, in 1999. In 2013 we were lucky to hire a 3rd doctor, Dr. Jessica Anderson. She worked for us as a veterinary assistant before she went to University of Georgia Veterinary School and graduated in 2012. And in 2016 we added our 4th doctor who is a native of Fairmont, Dr. Molly Allen.

We opened our brand new state of the art facility in 2014 in the parking lot of the old facility. We are now able to provide compassionate animal care in a modern facility.

Even though we continue to grow, we are consistent with our small town clinic family feel and our mission to work closely with rescue groups to help with the overpopulation of animals.