Pet Travel Resources

DogFriendly –, Inc. is the leading provider of nationwide city guides and travel guides for dog owners. We are dedicated to finding places that people and dogs can enjoy together. If you want to travel, sightsee, or just go around town with your pooch, then you’ve come to the right place! We focus on listing places that allow dogs of all sizes (some of our advertisers allow small dogs only), as well as focusing on lodging that does not restrict dogs to smoking rooms. has been online since June of 1998 and we are always adding new dog-friendly places for you and your best friend.

Travelling With Your Cat – by International Cat Care. Most cats are not particularly happy travellers – they are usually bonded strongly to their own territory and feel very vulnerable off home ground. The rewards of staying with the family ‘pack’ or the potential of exploring or walking somewhere new at the end of the journey do not excite the average feline in the same way as its canine cousins. If you wish to take your cat on a train/car or air journey you will have to ensure it is safely and comfortably secure in an appropriate carrier and is kept confined at the end of the journey, at least until it has become bonded to the new territory. Of course you get the occasional cat which travels frequently with its owner and does not panic or run off in a new environment, however, these are few and far between.

How to Travel with a Cat 

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