Got a new feline addition to your home? Or an adult cat you need to help lose some weight??

Let’s start playing and earning the food and treats. There are lots of new toys on the market, the trick is finding the kind of “prey” your cat likes best. Some cats prefer mice or birds that make some type of noise and movement while others may like the fishing pole or a feather. It is important to try different toys and find your cat’s preference. Also, don’t just throw the toys down and leave, watch your cat interact with them and once they are done remove them so they don’t ingest a toy.

Have you ever thought about training your cat to perform a trick??

The next time your cat is begging for food, try asking the cat to do something to “earn” the treat or food. Start simple by finding something your cat already does that is unique. For example, my cat likes to give a paw. She likes to use her paws to get my attention ,so I waited until she started pawing me and I gave her a treat. I continued this for several days then started using a word or phrase like “shake hands” then she would paw at my hand, and I would give her the treat.
Just watch and interact with your cat and I am sure you can find a cute trick he or she already does that you can “teach your cat” to do on a command. For more ideas on entertaining our indoor cats , check out the Ohio State University indoor cat initiative.