Allergies.  Something many of us battle this time of year.  But did you know that your pets can have allergies too?

While some pets can experience runny noses and eyes as a result of allergies, most present with itchy skin and/or ear infections.  We all know how frustrating it is to be itchy and not able to alleviate the discomfort.  Our pets feel the same thing!  So what can we do?

Allergies are commonly a result of environmental allergens, parasites (Fleas!  Ick!), or food.  Here are some tips on allergies that every pet parent should know:

1. Make sure your pet is on flea control.  Even if you don’t see any and even if they are strictly indoors (we can bring them in and expose our pets, even if they don’t go outside).

2. If you want to bathe your pet, make sure to use hypoallergenic shampoos without scent.  We also have a great selection of shampoos for sensitive allergy-prone skin.

3. Anti-histamines rarely work in our pets with severe allergies, so make sure to talk to your veterinarian before trying these medications.

4. If your pet is intensely itchy or has chronic ear infections, DO talk to your veterinarian about allergies.  We can help with food trials, allergy testing, and medications to help your pet.

Remember, itchy skin can be avoided.  We are more than happy to help your pet get some much needed relief!