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This deadly virus can be prevented with a simple vaccine

Canine Parvovirus

Canine parvovirus (CPV) is a highly contagious viral disease of dogs that commonly causes acute gastrointestinal illness in puppies. The disease most often strikes in pups between six and 20 weeks old, but older animals are sometimes also affected. A rare variant of the disease may be seen in very young (neonatal) […]

How to get your cat to love their travel cage or carrier!

If you are reading this, you probably have a travel cage or your have a cat that won’t go in the cage. Maybe you want to use the travel cage for a trip to the vet or you’re moving to a new house, point is, cat […]

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    Urinating outside the box? Your cat might be trying to tell you something.

Urinating outside the box? Your cat might be trying to tell you something.

Feline Behavior Problems: House Soiling
House soiling is the most common behavior problem reported by cat owners. The solution to your cat’s problem will depend on the underlying causes of their behavior.

Why do cats eliminate outside the litter box?
Your cat may have litter box trouble for any number of reasons, including medical problems, an aversion […]

Curb your dog’s separation anxiety with these tips

Does Your Dog Freak Out When You Leave?
How to help with your dog’s separation anxiety
The Humane Society of the United States

If your dog becomes destructive or soils the carpet when left alone, he’s expressing panic, not punishing you.
If your dog seems to worry when you’re heading out, destroys stuff when you leave the […]

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