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“Puppy Love” Photo Contest

It’s time again for another photo contest! Since it is spring and the time for new puppies, our theme is “Puppy Love.” If you have a picture of your new puppy, or your dog as a puppy, send it to Entries are to be submitted by April 16, and the winner will be […]

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    Want to help prevent cancer in your pet? This routine procedure will help.

Want to help prevent cancer in your pet? This routine procedure will help.

This routine surgery could help prevent cancer.

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Odd Couples Photo Contest Winner

We would like to thank you for your participation in our pet photo contest –  they are all wonderful, and we enjoyed seeing each and every photo!! Our winners are Milo and Alpha. Milo and Alpha are neighbors and love to hang out together. We wish you a happy Spring, and we will see […]

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Fleas love Spring, too.

By Dr. Jessica Anderson
Spring. Just the word brings to mind sunshine, flowers, and warm weather. But this much anticipated season also brings our more common parasites out from their winter slumbers. Our last post focused on ticks, which have been much more prevalent in the past few years. If you have any other questions or concerns about ticks […]

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Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic Newsletter March 2015


Tick exposure is certainly becoming an increasing risk for your pet as the months grow warmer.  The more time your pet spends outside, the more likely they are to come in contact with the parasite.  Keep in mind that ticks can survive almost anywhere–a lone patch of grass nested in the crack of a […]

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We’re looking for “furever” homes

Do you have space in your home for one of us? If so, we are at the Canine Adoption Center waiting for you! For more information, please call (304)291-7267.

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