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Odd Couples Pet Photo Contest

It is time again for our pet photo contest, and we are looking for your pictures of odd couples/misfits. Send us your pictures at, and your picture may be posted on our website. Pictures can be submitted until Friday, March 13 and will be posted on our website by Friday, March 20.

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The Value of Veterinary Medicine

The Value of Veterinary Medicine

by Dr. Aaron T Pollock

Who loves veterinary medicine? I do! I enjoy every aspect: the medicine, the surgery, and the

interactions with the clients and patients. Two days have never been the same. Boring, dull, repetitive

are terms rarely, if ever, used in veterinary medicine. As you read this, you may disagree […]

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Cats need dental care, too

Your cat is an expert acrobat, seasoned sun bather, and mighty hunter, but she’ll need your help and care to avoid dental disease.

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Valentine’s Photo Contest Winner

We would like to thank you for your participation in our pet photo contest –  they are all wonderful, and it was a very close contest! Our winner is a 3 year old Yorkie named Lucy. Below are all the entries we received. We wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, and we will see […]

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Dental disease isn’t all about the mouth

Gum disease doesn’t affect just the mouth—it can also damage major organs, including the heart and kidneys.

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Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic Newsletter February 2015

Do you find yourself shying away from your pet’s bad breath?  Does your pet have morning breath all day long?  Well that odor may indicate a serious health risk with significant potential to damage a wide array of internal organs, as well as the teeth and gums.Halitosis is often the obvious sign of dental […]

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We need forever homes!

These animals are at the Canine Adoption Center waiting for you. If you are interested, please call (304)291-7267.

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